Professional Experience:

20+ years of Professional Experience in Chemical and IT Industries in various ranks. Currently working as a SAP Consultant for Reputable International Company in IT industry. I have worked as SAP consultant for Fortune 50 companies ranging across various industries: Pharma, Energy, Financial, Logistics, Retail sectors.

Real Estate Experience :

Started Real Estate studying and learning real estate investments in commercial as well as residential market since my MBA 10 years ago. I took few courses on Real Estate and evaluation of the RE deals. Since then I’m actively involved in RE. I have been member of several RE Clubs including REIA (Phil Grove – Austin), Lifestyles Unlimited, RICH, Wealth Club etc. I have been going to Expos, meetings for a while now.

I have two Commercial Strip Center acquisitions both properties have been cash flowing and main investment objective is to buy-and-hold strategy for cash flow purposes. Currently using the cash flow for paying down debt.

  • Park Harbor Plaza (I-10 and Barker Cypress) - Barker Cypress, Houston, TX – 77084
    • Strip Center – Pharmacy, Day Care and Indian Restaurant. 17550 Sq. Ft. with 108 parking lots.
    • 70% occupied when we acquired it in 2014 and it is 100% occupied as of today.
    • Improved rent roll by 35-40% and cash flow by 75%.
    • One of key strategy we used to give free rent and NNN to attract tenants.
  • Bell Street Apartment (EaDo – Eastern Downtown District) – 10 units Apartments Complex.
    • 60% occupancy when we took over and made it 100% occupancy within two months.
    • Improved cash flow by 60% and healthy rent rolls including the parking fees.
  • Glover Street Apartments
    • 100% occupancy.
    • Great Value adding the rub system for utilities.
    • Great Cash Flow.
  • Passive investor one of the Apartment Complex in Clear Lake along with few other partners. We bought 200 unit Apartment Complex and later sold after few years of holding it for profit.
  • I am actively involved in buying and renting SF homes and own or co-own 11 homes.

Total Current Portfolio is worth over $12 Million, which includes apartment complexes, shopping centers, and SF homes.